Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is a critical component of your risk reduction program. Beadwindow is able to provide all of your penetration testing expertise including:

  • Network
  • Application
  • Mobile Device
  • Wireless
  • Social Engineering

Forensics & Incident Response

If you've experienced an intrusion and need to identify how it happened and assess the damage, or just need to recover lost data - Beadwindow has the forensics and incident response expertise to quickly solve your problems.

Effective Security & Compliance Solutions

Security & Compliance


Compliance frameworks such as PCI and HIPAA are complex and confusing. It pays off in saved time and money to have an expert guiding you to full compliance. Beadwindow will provide that expertise.


The security world is fast paced and always changing. Quality training is hard to find. Even the good courses get stale quickly. We avoid that by only teaching 3 classes each year. The classes are taught by experts - and they develop the course material themselves. 

  • Malware Reverse Engineering - Fall 2019 in Boston
  • Python for Hackers and Reverse Engineers - San Antonio November 2019
  • Mobile Forensics - Boston Summer 2019